Happy Friday! I am sharing this weeks favorite smoothie. I have been making this one all week in the morning and it's so delicious. I have mentioned that my skin has been acting really crazy lately. I have been drinking smoothies every morning for the past two weeks and my skin is finally starting to look healthier. I have been consuming my vitamin A to get my skin back on track. Berries and greens are great for your skin and that is how I came up with this recipe.
-2 handfuls of super greens
-1 handful of berries
-half a banana
-1 yogurt (I used plain Greek yogurt)
-1 green apple
-1 carrot (optional)

I'll definitely be sharing other smoothie recipes soon. Not only have I noticed a difference in my skin, but I have so much energy, less bloating and I just feel good. Let me know if you try this smoothie recipe! XO