Tuesday Toddler Style is a blog series that I started towards the end of last year and I really want to continue this year. After I had Evan I fell in love with everything about kid's fashion. I love how every mom has different taste and they make their kiddos look more adorable with their wardrobe. I am constantly on Instagram looking at so much cuteness. This year I realized how much I don't share Evan's outfits anymore. I am crossing my fingers that I can keep up with this every Tuesday. Last year I came across the brand Kid and Kind, I immediately fell in love. Everything in their shop is versatile and beyond adorable. I am so sad that this tee in no longer available, but there are plenty of  tee options that you will fall in love with.

 I finally got Evan out of his Super Hero shirt. He literally wore it for a week straight and refused to take it off. When we go out he's okay with whatever I pick out (except last week), but if we are at home it's his choice end of story. Who knew a three year old could be so bossy? Evan's style is super casual but from time to time I love dressing him up. I like him to be as comfortable as possible because he is constantly on the run. He lives in T shirts, joggers and converse! Mamas, I hope you enjoy! XO