I will receive my planner in the mail today and I am so excited. One of my goals this year is to become more organized. Everyday I have been writing down a to do list of chores I need to do around the house. Once I have completed each chore I check it off and it's really helped. I tend to forget things or get lazy, but since I have been writing everything down I know I have things to do. It keeps me busy and I'm not watching TV or on my computer all day. This is why I am so excited about my planner. I am determined to be organized this year with the help of my planner, which I scored for thirteen bucks. I can start shopping for stickers and any decor needed to make my planner look cute. This way I can stay motivated and organized all year long. I put together a few things that are essential to all newbie planners like myself. I am currently obsessed with Instagram accounts that share their planner ideas. I had no idea this was big until I started looking into it. Is having a planner your thing? Or how do you stay organized? XO

1. PLANNER $12.95 | 2. GEL PENS $9.95 | 3. GOLD SCISSORS $14.99 | 4. PAPER CLIPS $2.99 | 5. STICKER BOOK $12.00 | 6. WASHI TAPE $9.95 | 7. HEART STAMP $6.50 | 8. STORAGE BOX $14.99