Our Summer has been full of excitement. Every month my almost two year old wants to play more and sleep less. I literally plan out what activities we will do the night before just to be fully prepared. Entertaining Evan isn't difficult because the activities are endless, but there is always that one activity that makes our kids over the moon excited. For us our BackYard Ocean pool has saved my butt for the past few months. Evan loves to be outside, but some days it's just too hot to be running after him. The Texas heat can be killer, but this pool has made our Summer so much better. We are no longer stuck inside because it's too hot. We put our bathing suits on and go cool off in our Party Pool.
Setting it up was super easy. Luckily we have an air pump and it didn't take long to inflate. There are two things that made me chose this particular pool, the cup holders and built in steps. I can sit in the pool with them and enjoy a nice cold beverage while they play and scream of joy. The kids think it's super cool to have drinks in the pool and most adults that we have invited over for a swimming party love the cup holders. It's brilliant! Splashing water everywhere and pretending to be fish is what makes them happy.
Hot Summer days are so much fun for us. BackYard Ocean has great pools at great prices.They have a huge Summer SALE going on right now. I have been bragging about our pool all Summer I had to share with you guys. Even though Summer is almost over, you better believe we will be taking advantage of our Party Pool. Thank you so much BackYard Ocean!! xoxo