Salt City Emporium was one of the first brands I first discovered after having Evan. Their unique style made me fall in love. Every season they come out with something new and different. I am always anxious to see what they have in store. I was personally smitten by their Salt Carnival line, which is sadly no longer available, but their new line Stars and Stones launched today. Our first pair of Salt City Emporium leggings will always be a top favorite. I remember Evan would wear them often, and by the time he outgrew them you could tell those leggings were put to work. They were discolored from wearing them so much. It was sad to see them go, but I quickly purchased other styles. 
Leggings c/o Salt City Emporium
After every purchase I always noticed a huge improvement in their product. Each time the fabric felt softer and more durable. We received two pair of leggings from Salt City a couple months back and I am in awe. This by far has been the best improvement yet. We have had no discoloration, no shrinking, but plenty of room for him to grow and play in. Evan wears them outside, runs around in them, gets them extra dirty, and after every single wash they remain looking new.
ss14 line

 I am so excited to purchase something from their new line. Their modern, hip, and unique style should be in every little one's wardrobe. Check out their new Stars and Stones line and tell me which item is your favorite!! xoxo