This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Huggies and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
Last Saturday Evan and I had the opportunity to take part in a local Huggies event. It was such a great experience, not only did I meet amazing bloggers, but I had the chance to make new friends. Our host Ana Cruz, from Rollos de Mujeres has such a great personality and is such a wonderful mother. Brenda from Mejorando Mi Hogar is such a sweet and caring women. We got the chance to get to know each other and give advice from one mom to another. Only a mother knows how crazy life with a child can be. We shared ideas on how to stay active with our little movers on a daily basis.
 Staying active and healthy is extremely important to us, and staying active in comfort makes it so much easier. This is why we chose Huggies Little Movers. The new Huggies Little Movers provides Double Grip Strips that give baby a comfier fit over time than Pampers Cruisers. Evan started taking off his diapers and refusing to wear one until we started using Huggies Little Movers. I know for sure that the new feature makes it so much comfier for Evan to run around in. Huggies Little Movers have been redeveloped with new Double Grip Strips- soft Velcro strips on the sides of front diaper panel for an improved fit. Aside from the comfortable fit I'm sure Evan is obsessed with the Mickey Mouse characters that makes him want to keep his diaper on. 
As the months go by my little guy is more active. We have to keep busy and I'm sharing with you a few tips that keep this little mover happy and entertained.

 Tips on how to stay active with your little one.
  • Go outdoors! Soak up some vitamin D and chase your little one around. Mornings and evenings(before sunset) are the perfect time to get a little bit of exercise. Evan loves to play soccer or just run around. Don't be afraid of the sun, get out and make sure to stay fully hydrated.
  • Turn up the music and dance. Evan loves it when we jump around and go crazy with his favorite beats. I burn and few calories while Evan has a huge smile on his face. 
  • Play dates are so much fun. Our kids love them and we do too. It gives our kids a chance to interact with other kids and have another kid similar in age to explore with.
Celebrate your little one’s moving moments by visiting and uploading a photo or video of your baby’s best moves! You’ll receive a Huggies coupon for $2.00 and get the chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook page.

You can find Huggies Little Movers in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. Remember to enjoy these moving moments. They are priceless!!