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Messes at my house hold are inevitable. My almost two year old loves to grab and play with everything. I find myself constantly washing his hands or bathing him. I recently came across a great product that makes our messes so much easier. Wet-Nap has become a favorite. I literally carry it everywhere.
Whatever I have planned for the day, Wet-Nap wipes are always next to me just in case of any messy accidents. Our day is full of fun and adventure. Evan loves to draw all over everything, including himself. Once he completes his art work, we clean up and get ready for lunch. 
Evan ditches the silverware and digs in. This creates a even bigger mess. I absolutely love that I can just pop out a Wet-Nap and remove all germs from his little hands. After a day full of adventure going outside is a great way to end Evan's day. He loves to play with sticks, tries to grab bugs, and does what any boy his age would do. Regardless of any of our messy situations, Wet-Nap does the job. This product is softer and stronger than before. It moisturizes with aloe and smells amazing. As a mother finding the best products for my son and finding those that will make my life a little easier are a win in my book. This Summer has been extra messy and extra fun. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Wet-Nap can be purchased at your local Walmart and can be found in the Napkin/Paper goods aisle. Combat the mess today with Wet-Nap!! Shop for yours today and save using this coupon saving $0.55. Combine the coupon with Walmart’s already low prices and you have a pretty darn good deal!