Easter was such an amazing experience. Last year we didn't fully celebrate, so I knew this year would be twice the fun. On Saturday we thought it would be a great idea to take Evan to a bluebonnet field and take pictures. He absolutely loved it and was actually careful not to step on them as we explored and did a mini photo-shoot. If I haven't said this before I am one of the worlds worst procrastinators, but this year I purchased everything for Evan's basket on time. I was so relieved and proud of myself after walking the empty Easter aisle. I put it together on Saturday. I could see the excitement in Evan's face as he saw me put it together and I couldn't wait for him to experience such a beautiful holiday.
Evan is so loved his aunts and uncle put together a separate basket just for him and his cousins full of goodies and treats. On Sunday we woke up extra early, as always and we did a couple activities with the kids, including egg dyeing. It ended in a huge mess, but worth a good laugh.
I regret not taking good quality pictures on Sunday. Evan kept me on my toes(as always) while he ran around chasing all the other kids. I don't think he had spent so much time outside and his energy was on another level. Once the Easter egg hunt started he would grab an egg, open it to discover what was inside, and he would put it back down. This caused all the other kids(older kids) to steal his eggs. I think it bugged me way more than it did him. He didn't mind and continued running around happy as can be. Overall it was a day spent with our crazy family and lots of delicious food. I am all about making memories with my family and this Easter was by far the best. I can't wait for many more.
I hope your holiday was just as magical as ours!