For the past month or so I have dedicated so much time and attention to my skin. My skin randomly started breaking out all over my cheeks and it's been a nightmare. However, I am finally seeing a dramatic change to my skin after giving it the maintenance it needs. I was never the type of person to take care of my skin. I always had a breakout every now and then but never to this extent. Drug store products always did the trick but now nothing from the drugstore works. I have been purchasing high end products and I have found a few brands that are really helping. One of them being Mario Badescu. These five products are the few that I have purchased and I am obsessed. Personally I feel like the prices are affordable compared to other products I have purchased, and they have worked magic on my skin. My favorites are:
Glycolic Acid Toner: I use this toner every morning and night. It makes my skin feel insanely clean. This toner is suppose to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne and dark spots. I am sure I'll be picking up another bottle soon because this one is more than half way gone.  

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater: I spray this before and sometimes even after my makeup. I will even spray it on days that I don't wear makeup and it's so refreshing. My skin feels so hydrated with this. I absolutely love that it's only $7. So affordable and so effective.

Drying Lotion: After I wash, tone and moisturize in the evenings I add this drying lotion to any blemish and by morning it's gone. I have tried so many spot treatments and none work like this one. My skin doesn't over dry and my blemish is completely gone.

Whitening Mask: Suffering with acne comes with a lot of disadvantages, one of them being scarring. My face scars really easily and even though my skin has cleared up a bit I am now left with dark scars. I use it two to three times a week for ten minutes. I haven't been using this mask long, but I can definitely see a difference.

Seaweed Night Cream: I have been using this every night after my toner and I wake up with baby soft skin. It makes my skin feel smooth, dewy and youthful. 
Are you a fan of Mario Badescu?
-XOXO Nessa