I haven't been on here as much as usual. I normally blog after the boys are asleep, but lately I have been falling asleep early. I gave myself a little break since I know I'm going to be crazy busy in May. I had to purchase myself a cute planner because honestly, my little blog is kicking off and I am extremely thankful. Over a week ago I received a very exciting email. Evan and I were given the opportunity to represent an amazing brand. If you haven't heard, Evan and I are brand enthusiasts for Sugarplum Lane Baby Boutique. We are over the moon excited about this amazing opportunity. My love for baby fashion began with a pair of star leggings from Sugarplum Lane.
Be prepared to see a lot more of us on here and Instagram(@nessaswrld & @sugarplumlanebaby). Thank you so much for your continuous love and support. My little blog means so much, and seeing it take a step forward means the world. I am currently seeking bloggers or shops/businesses to collaborate with in May. Please contact me for more information and blog stats at nessaswrld@hotmail.com . Thanks for stopping by!