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I know going back to our school routine is going to be hard. We are currently use to having fun and sleeping in. Unfortunately all of this is ending in a few days. I am currently prepping for back to school. The only way for us to have a successful school year is to stay organized. Last year I learned a few tips and tricks that helped me stay on track with our busy schedule. We have quite a busy month ahead of us and I will ensure to implement them to prep for back to school.

Post It EVERYTHING: I use Post-it®s in my planner, calendar, laptop, fridge and even mirrors for daily reminders. I also enjoy writing motivational quotes for Evan and myself. Waking up to bright neon colors helps me not forget anything. This year we picked up a few packs for home and even a few for Evan's teacher. We spent a little over $10 at Walmart and luckily I kept my receipt because I was able to receive a $10 Fandango Promo Code*! Post-it® are so handy and perfect to prep for back to school! Purchase $10 of Post-it® and Scotch™ stationery back to school supplies and get a $10 Fandango Promo Code* for your next movie ticket purchase.

Plan out weekly outfits: I started off with planing each outfit at night, but shortly I realized that planning out weekly outfits worked best for us. I purchased a closet organizer and store his outfits in it. Such a game changer! It makes my mornings so much easier. Planning weekly outfits will help the first few weeks of school go by smoothly.

Plan out lunches: I plan out all my meals before I even go to the grocery store. It makes my trip so much easier and mornings less stressful.

Have a designated space for backpack/school work: When Evan comes home he know where to put his backpack. When it's time to do homework he knows where to get pencils or crayons. When it's time to read he know where to get his book. It's all in one area and not scattered everywhere. I keep it all in a basket near his backpack.

Keep a calendar near: We have so many important dates this month. Meet the teacher, football practices, games and so many other things. My calendar keeps me informed and I know I will not miss any important date because of it. I make sure to update it and check it everyday. Writing things down just works for me.

Treat yourself on the weekend: We treat ourselves on the weekend. You work hard during the week and weekends are a reward. We go out for ice cream, go eat at a new spot or go to the movies!

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Head to your local Walmart and find your favorite Post-it® or Scotch™ product today!!

Head to your local Walmart and find your favorite Post-it® or Scotch™ product today!!