This post is sponsored by Danimals but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
School starts very soon and I know many of us are freaking out. Buying supplies, meeting the new teacher or shopping for uniforms, whatever it may be back to school season is chaotic. The last thing we want to think of is packing lunch, but I've got you covered!
When Evan started school last year one thing that I was most excited about was packing his lunch. I feel like it sounds silly saying it out loud, but it's the truth. I want to make each lunch special. Whether it be by packing his favorite food or a written note from me. My goal was to put a smile on his little face during lunch time. Danimals played a huge role in his lunches last year. Danimals Smoothies were always included in his lunches and this year we will be including Danimals Squeezables. Danimals Squeezables are mess free, can be frozen, and added to lunchboxes. They thaw out by lunch time and help their lunch stay cold. Danimals make packing lunch a little easier by providing a good source of calcium and vitamin d. Danimals are nutritious and kids love the taste! Moms and kids are winning!
Last year I would pack lunch three days out of the week, so I put together our top three favorite lunches. I try my best to add a mix of veggies, fruits, grains, protein, calcium and vitamin d. As long as I stay away from packing a turkey sandwich everyday I call it a win. I hope you find inspiration in the lunches I created. You can find Danimals at any grocery store near you. Happy Back to School Season!

Chicken & Veggie Pasta // Mixed Berries // Grapes // Cheese Puffs // Danimals Smoothie or Squeezable
 BLT on Multigrain Bread // Oranges // Cucumber // Popcorn // Danimals Smoothie or Squeezable
Bean and Cheese Quesadilla // Grapes // Mixed Berries // Granola //  Danimals Smoothie or Squeezable 
*remember you can always switch up fruits and veggies*
Make sure to pick up Danimals Smoothies and Squeezables before school starts!