Happy Friday! Lately everywhere I shop I see pom poms. I've seen sandals, clothing, accessories and even home decor. I am not going to lie I actually like it. Pom Poms are bright, colorful and fun. I immediately think of Summer. Personally I haven't purchased anything yet, but I came across a few items that have me even more obsessed with this trend. I have seen so many adorable and flirty pom pom sandals lately, and if I don't purchase a pair... this Summer just won't be the same.😂 Am I right? And all these pom pom throw pillows and curtains make me want to redecorate my entire home.

Honestly, shopping for this trend can pricey! I always try to stay at a reasonable price and believe it or not I found amazing pieces on Etsy. You will find everything pom pom there. I found this beautiful clutch on Etsy for $29.😱 I literally want everything pom pom!! How do you guys feel about this trend? Do you own anything pom pom? Let me know!! XO