If you are like me having a daily schedule is important. That is the only way I will get things done around my home and work. Sometimes our daily schedule can take a tole on us. Some days it's just nice to take a break from our daily routine, sit back, relax and enjoy the day. I think I have broken my daily routine a lot lately. I found myself spending more time with Evan, being more adventurous and just living life. On Monday I decided to cancel all my plans and just spend the day with Evan. Sometimes breaking your routine doesn't always mean going out and being adventurous. To me it can be as simple as staying home and creating special moments with Evan! I was inspired by NESCAFÉ' Clásico Make the Moments Happen campaign. Learn more about it here. I am sharing five ways you can break your daily routine. Are you up for the challenge?

1. TAKE A BREAK: Whether it's a break from cleaning or the kids. I get it we all need a break from time to time, but do we allow ourselves that break? We are so caught up in our routine we don't find time. If you are reading this cancel your routine and take a break today!😜

2. LESS ELECTRONICS: First thing I do when I wake up is check emails or I get on Instagram. Throughout the day I find myself constantly checking my phone. For a change don't rely on any electronics. Challenge yourself and see how much fun living without electronics can be.

3. ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Go on a road trip, go camping, go swimming or have a picnic at your local park. Spend the day outdoors and have fun!

4. CHANGE UP YOUR MORNING COFFEE: Nescafé is my go to coffee. I normally just add cream and sugar, but sometimes I like to give my coffee a twist. I'll add flavor or look up a yummy recipe on Pinterest. Change up your coffee and start your day off right.

5. BE SPONTANEOUS: Be more of a live in the moment type of person. Randomly go away for the weekend or do something unexpected. Make life more fun and adventurous from time to time.
Thank you NESCAFÉ Clásico for inspiring me to celebrate every moment everyday. Even the simplest ones.😍 I am living day by day by this message. Life is not made of big events, those are few and far in between. Mainly, life is made of little moments, those moments we share with the people we love and make us happy - they make us say: “this is what life is about.” The problem is we wait for these little moments to happen, when we should be making them happen. So let’s not wait for “the right time”, for “the perfect opportunity”, for the “next time…” Let’s make the right time be today, let’s create the opportunity tonight. Let’s celebrate every moment every day. Create your own #MomentoNESCAFE and tag me!❤️

NESCAFÉ Clásico Make the Moments Happen

Check out how NESCAFÉ Clásico and Ricky Martin surprise people who take the risk and break their routine. Watch the video HERE.