Last Wednesday I had a few of my mommy friends over and I hosted a Pampers Easy Ups Party. I always love having other mom's around so we can all share our crazy experiences. One hot topic we find ourselves talking about lately is potty training. I think all mom's potty train differently. Some mom's are persistent. Some take their time. Regardless what you do there is no wrong way to do it. Potty Training is challenging and once this milestone is achieved I hope you take the time to celebrate such a huge achievement. I have plenty of posts sharing my tips and tricks on how I potty trained Evan, but three thing we all agreed on were:
  • Be Patient!
  • Practice!
Our little party was so much fun. The kiddos enjoyed the food, company and their goody bags. By the end of the party we had tissue paper all over the floor. All the mommies read the tips given by Dr. Laura Jana, a pediatrician, award-winning parenting book author and potty training expert. I learned a lot from her tips so I knew my mommy friends would enjoy them as well.

I think throwing this party really helped the kids get excited to start potty training and encouraged the ones that are still leaning. If you are potty training or soon to be, I highly recommend you throw a little get together with you mommy friends and help each other out. Share tips, experiences and enjoy the company. Maybe even drink a little wine while you're at it.😉 What is the best potty training tip you have received from another mom? If you throw a party to encourage your little one to start potty training let me know how it goes!

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