I thought I would confess how I prepare my morning coffee on this fine rainy Monday in Dallas. We had a great weekend and Monday's are a lazy day for myself. All I want to do is lay in bed all day and sip my hot coffee. When I wake up the first thing I want is coffee. I have to have coffee. Yeah it helps me wake up and get my day started, but I also just enjoy drinking coffee. I can drink it at any time of the day. That is why I love Thermos products. I don't have to keep heating up my coffee. I can just store it in my Thermos and maintain it hot for 24 hours.☕️

Coffee is healthy for you but when you start adding so much sugar it takes over and just ruins your coffee. A few months ago I completely changed the way I prepare my coffee. I confess that I ditched white sugar and sweet coffee creamers. I opted for something healthier. I discovered coconut sugar. There I said it, coconut sugar. It's sweet, healthy and delicious. How did I not know about coconut sugar? Instead of coffee creamers I use unsweetened coconut milk. Some days I even add a little bit of coconut oil and it really gives my coffee the final delicious touch. That's it! It's simple and healthy!

Dark Matter Coffee has been my favorite. The Thermos Heritage Blend has notes of dark caramel, cocoa nibs and dark chocolate. I like my coffee to have flavor and this coffee delivers that and more. I confessed how I make my coffee healthy and delicious not it's your turn. Share your #CoffeeConfessions with me on Twitter. Thermos will be selecting random winners and giving away coffee!!😱