I asked Evan to pick out a few of his favorite toys to share this Tuesday. He started grabbing every single toy and pileing them up. We had to narrow it down to the few that he's been plays with the most recently. He lined all of his super heroes in a row and we snapped a few pictures. He is at an age where his imagination is running wild. He loves to dress up as many super heroes, and when he plays with his action figures he makes different voices for each one. It is SO CUTE!🙂 When we buy him toys he will play with them for a few days and then completely forgets about them. These are the few that he will always go back to.

We have other toys that are educational and he loves them too, but these are his all time go to boy toys. When his cousin Diego comes over it's so much fun watching these two play together. It's just awesome to see their little imaginations grow. Evan's favorite thing to say when playing is, "The good guys win and the bad guys lose."😂 

What toys do your little one's love?


XOXO -Nessa