I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. First thing we did was dye eggs in the morning. Evan enjoyed it so much he didn't want to give up the eggs.😂 We had a small and nice get together. The kiddos had a blast. My sister had a few games and piñata that had Evan overly excited. Considering lent was over I had the freedom to eat as much sugar as I wanted. Surprisingly, I had absolutely no interest in eating anything sweet. I tried a piece a cake for the heck of it and I literally felt sick afterwards. So I have decided to stick with what I have been eating sugar free. Evan on the other hand ate way too much candy. As the other kids were decorating their cookie Evan was too busy stuffing his little face with frosting.😆 After our get together we went to Big Lots. So random, I know but we walked around and picked up a few things. We also had Pizza for dinner.😂 Before we went to bed Evan said, "That was so much fun mama."

I was looking back at last years Easter post (HERE) and Evan has grown so much.
Easter 2016 was definitely a good one!
-XOXO Nessa