Happy first day of March! So crazy, huh? My emotions will be crazy this month because it will be a year since my mom passed away. I still can't believe it. It really does feel like yesterday that she was still here. I want to set a few goals for myself this month to help me stay busy and positive. Thank God I have my wild, silly and smart little guy. It's also time to get back to my healthy eating. I literally had a breakdown this weekend, no sugar, but defiantly not as healthy as I had been eating. March is the month to get back on track. 

We haven't done much during the week, but go outside from time to time and enjoy this beautiful weather. I love this time of year when the season is slowly transitioning, but it's still a little chilly just perfect for long sleeves and warm pants. It's the season for basics. To be completely honest Evan and I are always in basics.😂 Evan's style is best described as comfortable and basic. He's not a fan of jeans and lives and sleeps in trousers/sweatpants/joggers (or whatever you want to call them). I am looking forward to Easter so this little guy can dress up! My mother in law shared a brand that I am currently obsessed with. The brand is Tea Collection and it's sold at Nordstrom. I had no idea but I love their basics. Check it out here.

I am working out a few things in hope to start giveaways every other Tuesday for your little's. Thanks for stopping by! 😗

-XOXO Nessa