Hey there! Let me start of by saying this weekend was loads of fun. We started off the weekend right with a Valentine's Day party for the kids on Friday. We had a table full of sweets for them and they all exchanged V-Day cards. Last week I shared on Instagram how I gave up sugar for lent, and I wasn't looking forward to the party thinking I would lose control and eat everything. Way to go me because I was able to control myself and didn't really care for anything sweet. Hopefully this week I'll do an update on how I am curving my sweet cravings, healthy sugar alternatives and what I eat in a day. It's been a full five days since I have consumed any sugar. So crazy, I know!

On Saturday my boyfriend had flowers delivered to me. I was in awe because he really nailed it this year. Peonies are my favorite flower! Evan got me Sunflowers along with a huge hug and kiss. We had brunch on Sunday at Masaryk and I personally loved it. If you are in Dallas, near the Garland area and want authentic Mexican food I highly recommend. Overall, it was a really nice and relaxed weekend with my boys. Hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as mine! XOXO
Evan's Tee is from Old Navy