This past weekend we did a little shopping for more activities to do throughout the week. Play-Doh has been a huge success for the past year. Finger painting, coloring and Lego's are a huge hit as well. We are home most of the week meaning I have to keep Evan entertained. Doing activities with Evan is extremely important but so is playtime wear. Most days Evan doesn't want to wear pants but on the days where he cooperates with mom we keep it as comfortable as possible. We do a lot of messy activities and his clothes are bound to get something on them. I am normally careful with what he wears around the house and I put older clothes on him, but sometimes I specifically shop for his play clothes. We keep indoor play wear as simple as a t-shirt and trousers or just no pants at all. Basics are our go to play wear. My favorite places to shop for play wear is Old Navy, Gap and Zara. Gap has a playtime favorite shopping category and it's seriously amazing! Check it out here. If you have a girl check it out here. These stores are inexpensive and if his clothes get messier than usual, it's okay. Happy Tuesday! XO