Hey there! I recently discovered an awesome monthly subscription that I had to rave about. Like all others, I am addicted to shopping especially when it comes to jewelry. I actually worked in a jewelry store for about six months and absolutely loved it. Since then I have always had a passion for high end jewelry. I have always been the type of girl to splurge on a piece of jewelry, wear it a few times and then never wear it again. Does that happen to you? It's been so long since I have splurged on a nice piece of jewelry. Luckily for me I discovered Rocksbocks. What is Rocksbocks? Rocksbox is a monthly subscription where you borrow three pieces of jewelry, and you can return them whenever you'd like. Now I am able to wear designer pieces of jewelry every month thanks to Rocksbox.
You take a quiz like most subscriptions and you are assigned a personal stylist. The designer pieces you receive will be based on your style survey results or your wish list. Rocksbox is only $19 a month for three pieces of jewelry that are worth an average of $200 per set. You can now view their entire inventory here and add on to your wish list. It works for me because I no longer have to spend so much on a single piece of jewelry that I may only wear a few times. I can constantly flaunt new jewelry for only $19 a month. If I fall in love with any piece that I receive I can simply purchase at a discounted price and use my $10 monthly shine spend towards my purchase.  

I was really impressed with my first box. My stylist picked two pieces from my wish list and one piece from my style survey. There were two items that I reached out for the most, one was from my wish list and the other piece from my style survey. Overall, my stylist did a really good job. Every piece that was picked was definitely something I would wear. The packaging is so nice and the quality is great. The first thing you see when you open up your box are two cute notes. Inside you find all of the information for each piece and more about the company. This month I received a,
Gold Cuff by SLATE- $38- Insider Price: $30
Necklace by JENNY BIRD- $175- Insider Price: $140
Bangle by MARGARET ELIZABETH- $88- Insider Price: $70

What I am loving about Rocksbox:
  • Only $19 a month for designer jewelry
  • Packaging is high quality
  • Your package includes return label, and you can reuse the shipping bag as long as package is properly opened
  • You can keep jewelry for as long as you'd like
  • You receive discount on any piece of jewelry you decide to keep
  • The designer jewelry is worth an average of $200 per set 
  • You get $10 each month to use toward your purchase 

Rocksbox sent me my first box free and you can too by simply applying the coupon code nessasworldxoxo at checkout. If you try it out please share your experience and the lovely pieces you receive. XO