I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. However, there are so many new facts that I learned my last trip to The Perot Museum. Solving a mystery in the 19th century was a blast! Playing detective for a day was really cool, but I must confess I could never be a real detective. There is so much evidence and brainstorming all the possibilities can kick your butt. I loved that they provided notebooks for us to collect the evidence. It made our whole experience more enjoyable. I really like that this exhibit translated everything in Spanish. I believe it took us thirty to fourth five mintutes to tour the entire exhibit. If you are near the Dallas/Ft. Worth area you must check out The Sherlock Holmes exhibit.
Plan your next visit this Spring Break. I have provided all of the basic info down below. 

A few info you need to know if you plan on taking a trip to The Perot Museum.
Tickets and General Admission:
$17 for adults (18-64)
$12 for seniors (65+)
$11 for youth (2-17)
free for children under 2
General admission for members is always free. 

Admission to the theater is $5 for a short film and $8 for a long film for adults, seniors and youth.
For members, admission to the theater is $5 for short film and $6 for long film.
All children under 2 are free.

If you plan on checking out The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes prices change a bit.
$29 for adults (18-64)
$23 for seniors (65+)
$21 for youth (2-17)

For those who already obtain a member pass you will only have to pay an additional fee
$8 for adults (18-64)
$7 for seniors (65+)
$6 for youth (2-17)

For hours and more information please make sure to check out The Perot Museum hompage.

If you have been to The Perot Museum you know it's impossible to see everything in one visit. You can now avoid all the general admission charges each visit and just pay a one time yearly fee. My readers can enjoy 15% off NEW memberships by calling 214-756-5751 and mentioning my blog to receive discount. Offer expires March 6.

You have until May 10, 2015 to check out The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.