Last week was a cold one here in Texas. Probably the coldest week we have had this winter. We woke up Monday morning with ice everywhere. It literally felt like Christmas y'all! We were all ecstatic. We only get snow or should I say ice once a year, and last year I didn't dare take Evan outside because I figured he was too little. Monday was just a lazy day and we stayed indoors and watched movies. As excited as we were we never made it outside. We woke up Tuesday with hopes that the ice would still be there and to our surprise woke up to a little bit of snow. 
We rushed outside and Evan was stunned. He had never seen or touched snow before. Seeing him run around playing with snow was priceless. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were really cold, everything was frozen. We did nothing! I didn't get anything done last week. I have piles of dirty clothes and one messy bedroom. I just wonder how people who have snow all Winter long continue with their regular busy schedule. While everyone in Texas shuts everything down the instant we see ice on the road. It is crazy how different our lifestyles are.
I hope everyone is staying warm this Winter. I have been doing a lot of online shopping and I blame it all on this weather. I am just excited that Spring is right around the corner! XO