First, I want to thank everyone who entered the Pampers giveaway! That post was extremely special to me because of my passion for Soccer. I was honored to host such an awesome giveaway. The winner was randomly selected and posted on the original post. The winner has already been contacted with all the details, thank you all again. We are still a little heart broken at our house because of Mexico's loss, but happily cheering on Brazil for the win. I also want to inform my readers that I will begin posting more sponsored posts, but will not turn this blog into one of those giveaway blogs. I will never post anything on my blog that doesn't reflect my style or who I am. I hope you stick around regardless of all the sponsored posts. This is a new opportunity that has come up, and I am beyond excited to be sharing with everyone amazing businesses and products. 

Lastly, I wanted to update you guys on my breastfeeding issue. A huge apology if my previous post was a little TMI, but hey it's my space and I can share whatever I want, right? Any how, I found two products that saved my life. I am so glad I read about them and gave them a try. I'll definitely be doing a review on those two items in the near future. If you are facing any breastfeeding problems of would love more info on breastfeeding Kelly Mom is the place to find everything! Thanks Courtney for your advice. Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by. xoxo