On Saturday we decided to go ahead and purchase a toddler car seat for Evan. Car rides were getting very frustrating. Evan would put up a fight when we tried putting him in his infant car seat. I have been on a hunt for the perfect car seat for a good two months. I was sold on the Orbit Baby G3 toddler car seat, because of all the fabulous features. Plus I love our Orbit Baby infant seat. If we purchased it we would have an extra car seat base, and we would be able to attach it to our stroller. I am just an Orbit Baby fanatic. My boyfriend on the other hand insisted on purchasing the Maxi-Cosi. I can be extremely stubborn and insisted that the G3 was what Evan wanted, but once I saw them in person I was extremely confused, I liked both. Both have great features and are adorable. The Maxi-Cosi seemed so comfortable and Orbit baby didn't have much padding, but the Orbit baby was screaming my name. Haha 

After my huge debate with Edgar( Evan's dad) I made a decision. Maxi-Cosi won me over. Aside from all the great features, I have heard nothing but positive reviews. Installing it was way easier than installing a Orbit Baby car seat, which was a plus for my boyfriend. Overall, I am very happy with the look and comfort it provides for my little man. He was so excited sitting in his big boy seat. I think he was happy to finally look up and see his surroundings. We haven't fully tested it but so far I like it, and most importantly Evan likes it. Which car seat would you choose??