20 Facts about Me: 
1. I am half Mexican half Salvadorian
2. I speak Spanish and English fluently. (working on my Portuguese)
3. Visiting Brazil has always been a dream of mine. I can't wait to take Evan.
4. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. (September 24th is our anniversary)
5. I have never broken a bone. (Knock on wood)
6. I don't know how to cook. (My boyfriend cooks, but I am in the process of learning)
7. I have two tattoos, and don't plan on getting anymore. I have the word believe with a star on my left wrist, and my last name in Arabic on my left hip.
8. My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
9. My major is business marketing. I took a year off, but I plan on continuing my education next year. 
10. I am obsessed with makeup. I should be a makeup artist.
11. I love to sing and I think I can sing but my boyfriend disagrees. Haha
12. I fear the ocean, but I love going to the beach.
13. I am obsessed with coffee. I have to drink coffee everyday.
14. I am so girly, but I'm not afraid to get down and dirty. Meaning I'll go fishing, 4 wheeling, hiking, and watch sports. I love it!
15. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy. Yikes! I ate errthing! I lost every single pound, but still not at my ideal weight.
16. I grew an inch during my pregnancy. I was 5 feet before and now 5'1. Is this possible? Haha
17. I have never ridden a horse, but hope to some day.
18. I am so blind. I wish I had 20/20 vision because contacts and glasses are a pain in the a**.
19.  I love messy hair and I don't care.
20. I love my family. Family reunions are the best!