One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is to invest in anything bedding. Get yourself a good quality mattress, buy the bedding you want and invest in pillows. That neck pain is no joke as we grow older. I suffered from the worst neck pain, sometimes even headaches every morning. The lack of knowledge that I had when it came to a good night sleep blows my mind. Even though my mom gifted my sisters and I a therapeutic pillow and that pillow lasted for years. We are talking ten plus years before it started wearing down, and after that pillow I didn't want to spend more than twenty dollars on pillows that would immediately get flat and I had to pile them on each other to get comfy. Clearly, my mom knew what she was doing gifting us that pillow, but I was young and didn't realize how important having a good pillow was. 

My first big purchase as an adult was a mattress. Then last year we invested in really good pillows, but a few months ago Coop Home Goods reached out and sent me two of their original pillows. I immediately said yes because their pillows have THOUSANDS of great reviews. I have been sleeping with my pillow for the past few months and let me just start off by saying they are worth the hype. Evan and I fight over that pillow every night. It also adds an extra cozy touch to our bed. 

This pillow is adjustable. You can add or remove the stuffing to accommodate your comfort zone. Every pillow comes with half-pound bag of their stuffing. This pillow delivers! You will have the most deep, comfortable, and restful sleep ever. Love the soft and cozy material. Overall so impressed with the Coop Home Goods pillow. 

I feel like the price is perfect. You can invest in a good quality pillow, but not break the bank. I feel like this pillow would make the perfect Christmas gift. Everyone needs a good night sleep! 

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Best for: firm pillow lovers, back and side sleepers, snorers, tossers and turners
-Made in the USA
-100-night sleep trial and 5-year warranty
-Includes an extra 1/2 lb bag of fill