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These past few weeks have been very crazy for all of us, but movie nights have made it so much better. We normally have family movie nights every Friday, but lately it’s been a few times a week. Movie nights bring our family together and they bring us so much joy. I have been making movie nights extra special these days. On my essential run to Walmart last week I picked up the Dolittle DVD and a few goodies. So, I created a really fun movie night basket full of our favorite snacks. It was a total hit! As well as the movie!

Dolittle DVD is full of adventure. All the cute animals make you want to keep watching. Our favorite thing to do as a family while watching animated movies is to guess the actors voices. We are not allowed to look them up until after the movie is over. Evan has gotten really good at that game. Dolittle's cast brings this film together. They represent each character perfectly. I love that this film gives you everything you need in a family film. It shows embracing your individuality, finding your family, journey and adventure and the cherry on top, talking to animals! Who wouldn't want to do that?!

If you are having trouble picking a movie for movie night. Pick up Dolittle DVD at your local Walmart (pick up service available) or and be prepared to go on an adventure.

I loved putting together this snack basket for movie night. I kept it simple, but trust me it was a hit! I love using baggies for popcorn and I don't have to use too many bowls.You can also throw all the snack in baggies to avoid dishes all together. Here is what I added to our snack basket. 
chocolate eggs
animal crackers

What is your must have snack for movie night? 
Hope you are doing well. Stay safe and healthy. xo
Dolittle DVD is now availbale at Walmart find it HERE