I am wearing a Medium top and squeezed myself into XS pants, but FOR SURE need a Medium!😂 

LOVING everything at Target right now! Took a trip last week and took a few pics of my favorite clothing finds. I linked everything and all sizes are fully stocked and available online. We are just having the best weather in Texas. So I am currently all about the cozy outerwear. I know Target has been having daily deals on clothing and I am all about a good deal. I will for sure be placing an order online. The tie-dye set and puffer jacket were my favorite finds. Everything is under $35! 
Wearing a Large Jacket, which was roomy and perfect in case I want to wear a thick sweater under. This jacket is so flattering and doesn't make you look big like most puffer jackets tend to do. It comes in other colors as well. 
Wearing a Large. This one runs a little small. Definitely size up if you want more of an over-sized look. I would wear this everyday. It is so soft and cozy. Comes in a few other colors, but the rust color was my favorite.
I LOVE this one! I wish they had my size in store. I am wearing a Large, but for sure need a Medium. Very over-sized! Size down for sure. 
Found this one as I was walking out. I didn't get a chance to try on. I think it's perfect for the holidays. I would pick up a Large or XL.