Hey y'all! I am so excited to share a product that has helped me gain a confident smile. I am partnering up with Smile Brilliant on today's post. I am a HUGE coffee drinker. I drink coffee every single day. At 29 I found myself smiling less and covering my mouth when I laughed because my teeth were starting to look way too yellow. I love coffee but stained teeth is my worst nightmare. Throughout the years I have tried every product you can think of to help whiten my teeth. Strips, toothpaste, mouthwash, charcoal and even gum. Strips never really worked for me because of my sensitive teeth and everything else I never really saw a long term difference. Until a few weeks ago I was introduced to Smile Brilliant. It is an at home teeth whitening kit that will meet all of your teeth whitening needs.

I started this process a little over a month ago. My concern was experiencing gum and teeth irritation. Smile Brilliant offers a non-sensitive kit and sensitive kit. I went with the sensitive kit because of my past experience with teeth whitening. The kit arrived promptly. They send you everything you need including the putty to create your custom teeth whitening trays. Once you send off your molds you will receive your custom trays and you can begin this teeth whitening process. Their website is easy to navigate and finding the product you need is easy.

I did a total of 6 sessions and probably could have done at least one more, but I was very happy with the results I skipped the last one. My first teeth whitening session was 45 minutes followed by the desensitizing gel session which was 20 minutes. Every whitening session after that I was only able to do 30 minutes and 15 minute desensitizing session because life! HA! I did one to two sessions a week only because I was trying to avoid my gums from getting irritated. However, I experienced little to no gum sensitivity which is rare!

What I love the most about this teeth whitening kit is that the results last for up to a year. This kit is for sure worth every penny.

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A few tips that helped me through this teeth whitening process.

-I ALWAYS applied coconut oil to my gums to help with sensitivity.
-I spaced out my whitening sessions and that helped my gum sensitivity. It did take longer to see results but was worth it in my opinion.
-I started drinking my coffee with a straw while I did the whitening process.
-I did my whitening sessions before bed.

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