Amazon is currently the online one stop shop. I know  I am not the only one shopping on amazon a few times a week. It is just so convenient. I gathered up a few of my most recent purchases that I am really loving. Make sure to check out my instagram! I teamed up with some instagram accounts to giveaway a $500 amazon gift card. Giveaway ends today (May 1st)! You can also shop all of my amazon favorites on the top tab of the blog! xo

Finishing Touch Hair Remover: They only way I can shave my face without breakouts and irritation on the skin. It's gentle and safe to use everyday. My face is so hairy and this gadget gets the job done. It leaves my skin soft and hairless after each use. Grab it on amazon for under $20!

AZTEC Clay Mask: I have been using this mask for years and it is A M A Z I N G!!! If you have acne prone skin you need this mask in your life. Not only will your face feel amazing while wearing it, but the results are fantastic! When my skin had horrible cystic acne I would apply this mask once a week. I used other products as well to help, but I know for a fact this mask had a lot to do with my clear skin. The price is just the cherry on top. Find it on amazon for $11!

White Metal Chairs: I didn't want to spend so much money on chairs, but I also wanted good quality. I can't believe that I found chairs on Amazon! I knew I wanted metal chairs and I looked everywhere. I decided to just get the off amazon. So happy I did because they look great and so affordable. 4 chairs for $110! WOW!

Black Purse: My everyday purse! It's a great size! It comes in so many colors!
It has so many compartments! It's cute! I love it and I love the price even more. It's under $35!

Lunch Box: Making the mom life a little easier. Lunch packing is so fun now! I don't have to worry about a messy lunch box, because this one doesn't leak! Evan had so many different containers in his lunch bag before, and sometimes he didn't get to eat everything. After my sister gifted him this one he has enough time to finish his all of his food. The compartments are the perfect size. They come in different colors. It is such a fun lunch box! Under $30!