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Before Evan started kindergarten his school and basically every school requires your child to be fully potty trained. Including knowing how to wipe their own bottom. Even though Evan was fully potty trained, he still didn't know how to wipe his bottom. In fact, he refused to wipe his bottom. I honestly had no idea where to begin. I turned to Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes available at HEB for my life’s messy moments. The whole potty training stage can be stressful and I really thought those days were over, but the key is to have the right products and a few tips and tricks to successfully accomplish anything. Evan has wiping down like a pro! Here are a few tips that I hope guide you to successfully help your child learn to wipe their bottom.  

Prepare them and explain the rules! 
Before we actually got down to practicing I explained what he had to do and why he had to do it. I explained that once he started school no one would be able to help him, and he had to be a big boy and learn. I explained that it could get messy, but there would always be a solution to any problem he may encounter. I explained the proper way to wipe, and when to stop wiping. I reassured him I would always supervise and help until we knew he was 100% ready for the job. I remained positive, calm, and cheered him on every single time.

Wipe with baby wipes!
Wiping with baby wipes was the easiest and best way for Evan to start learning. Baby wipes are stronger than toilet paper making them easier to use and result in a cleaner bottom. We have been using Nice 'n CLEAN Baby Wipes! Nice 'n CLEAN wipes are 100% plant based Fibers making them soft, strong, thick and absorbent! The leaf pattern on the wipe for gentle cleaning makes wiping easy!

Nice 'n CLEAN wipes are not your typical baby wipe they are 99% purified water and 99% natural derived ingredients (No alcohol, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or chlorine). I know that they are hypoallergenic and that they are gentle enough to use on my family's hands, faces and bottoms. I love that HEB carries a great variety of package sizing options. You can find from a single pack of 64, a 3 pack of 168 or 192, to bulk size of 384 or 336 baby wipes at your local HEB. You can choose the scented, which smells nice and soft, or the unscented for sensitive skin.

Nice 'n CLEAN wipe are a potty training essential! They really make the potty life so much easier. You can successfully potty train without the worry of unwanted chemicals getting in the way!

Always do a post-wipe check!
As much as I want bum wiping days to be over, it's important for me to always check to ensure that he is wiping successfully. I know he is still little and won't be perfect at it, but as long as he is taking initiative and doing it on his own I call that winning.

Stay positive and practice,practice, practice! 
Keep calm and positive during this process. I know it can get irritable at times, but you have to stay patient, cheer them on and guide them to success! Also, understand that every kid learns at their own pace. It took a lot of patience and practice for us. It took us all Summer to get it down and I still have to supervise him at times. Overall, he has wiping his own bottom down like a pro.

Hand Hygiene!
Don't forget to enforce proper hand hygiene. We know things can get messy and washing their little hands after is crucially important.
Head into your local HEB to purchase Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes today!