This post is sponsored by Theraflu but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Cold/flu season is here. As much as I am dreading this time of year, I am also calm because these few tips I am sharing with you today help me combat any cold FAST. Every year the one thing that always gets me thru the cold/flu season is Theraflu. This year I am excited to try their Powerpods for the first time. Theraflu PowerPods can help relieve your severe cold and flu symptoms including nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, headache, body aches and fever. My tips are so simple, but they are effective. They will have you feeling like new before you know it. 

Drink all the bone broth + water during the day when you're sick. I read somewhere to drink bone broth like you would tea. Making it from scratch is best, but when I am sick I buy the packaged bone broth and it tastes just as good. Bone broth helps you heal. I recommend drinking it even when you are not sick. Yum! 

This year I am doing sick differently thanks to Theraflu. Theraflu PowerPods are so easy and convenient during this time of year. Just press, sip, relief. You get a freshly brewed cup of relief. Theraflu PowerPods are compatible with most single-serve machines. I personally love drinking Theraflu PowerPods Nightime because they help relieve my runny nose and sneezing. Helping me get a good night sleep, which is crucial when you are sick. I am so glad I spotted Theraflu PowerPodsat Walmart! 

Disinfect everything! Get all the flu/cold virus out of your home. They only way to do this is by constantly washing your hands, and disinfecting everything in your home. Especially things you are constantly grabbing. Like, doorknobs, couch, and sheets. As a mom I am constantly disinfecting toys. Kill those germs! 

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