HELLO FALL!! We finally get our first taste of fall today. It is raining, the weather is perfect and I have a cold. 😂 If anyone needs me I will be lying on my couch all day. I just heated up some bone broth and took a probiotic immunity booster. That normally does the trick and I should be back to almost normal tomorrow. 

I re post so many recipes on Facebook that I always say I am going to try but I don't. Yesterday I finally decided to give this one a try. It came out sooooo good! I am so happy we had left overs because it was that good. 

This past weekend we were in total fall mode. We went shopping for decor, purchased all the pumpkin scent candles and we even made sugar cookies. Every year I enjoy making a fall bucket list. Most years I get the majority checked off, and hopefully this year we can do it all. Please share what is on your fall bucket list!! Happy FALL!! XO 

1. Carve pumpkins🎃

2. Visit a pumpkin patch or two
3. Taste different pumpkin spice foods (cereal, coffee creamer, bagels etc.)
4. Costume/Halloween shopping
5. Roast marshmallows and make s'mores
6. Visit the Texas State Fair and eat ALL the fried food
7. Spooky movie night
8. Make my own PSL  
9. BAKE all the goods
10. Craft
11. Go for walks in the cool crisp weather
12. Burn fall candles

13. Haunted House 
14. Family Pictures 
15. Cook fall food (chili, pot roast, soup)