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The first thing we remodeled in our home was the floor. There was carpet through the entire home except kitchen. I knew I wanted dark wood floors. I found the perfect hickory color floor that instantly gave our home the update it needed. As much as I love hard surface floors I never imagined how much work it took to maintain them. I have to clean my floors EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a crazy five year old running back and forth laying all over the floor meaning my floor needs to be clean. I need a product that is easy, effective, and time efficient for my home. Bona's Quick Clean System has saved my time and life! Who knew cleaning my floor could be so quick.

I need a product that will pick up my hair (which ends up everywhere), rug hair (they shed like a dog), and dust that appears out of no where. Bona's Quick Clean System gets the job done. Bona® dusting pads 3D design mimics the microfiber to pick up more dust and dirt. Bona® Wet Cleaning Pads is thick and infused with Bona proprietary cleaning solution designed for proper hardwood floor care. The extra large mop head helps me clean 40% faster. Leaving my floor beautiful and clean. This mama is winning! Evan even wants to join in on the fun.

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