As much as I wanted to put up my Christmas tree the first week of November, I patiently waited until this week to start decorating. Every year putting up our holiday decor is always special. We do it as a family. We blast Christmas music. We have fun and try to soak up every minute of this holiday season. Evan just turned five and the holidays just seem more fun as he gets older. This year I really want to enjoy December. Every year it seems like we have so much going on we forget to take it slow and enjoy the little things. Decorating our Christmas tree was so much fun. This year we incorporated Goldfish Crackers to our family holiday decorating tradition. Goldfish Crackers reminded us to enjoy the moment. Watching Evan put ornaments on the Christmas tree and take a break to enjoy his Goldfish was priceless.

We love Goldfish Crackers because they are made with real cheese, no artificial flavors or preservatives are ever added, colors sourced from plants, and they are baked with whole grain cheddar. I never feel guilty when I give them to Evan. It's that one snack everyone loves and can never go wrong with. Not only are they delicious, but they are a great way to incorporate this holiday season by crafting, learning, or just simply enjoying like we did. Plus, the colors are super festive! Lately I have been browsing through Goldfish Crackers Pinterest page and I found so much inspiration. So many fun crafts to do this holiday season. Let Goldfish Crackers be part of your holiday traditions this year!! 😍
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