My morning routine is critically important to me. It's a way to help set my mood for the entire day. If I'm in a great mood I can have a productive day. It's a routine that has helped me enjoy my mornings, because I was NOT a morning person. I get time to myself. I get to relax. I get to have some peace and quiet before my four year old wakes up. It's something I do for me. I have been on this schedule for almost a year now and I love it.

1. SET AN ALARM: I set my alarm every morning for 7 am. If you have the IPhone in the clock app there is a bedtime setting. An alarm goes off when it's time for bed and when it's time to wake up. My alarm sound is calm and soothing nothing that will frighten me. This app also helps me get my full 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

2. DRINK A GLASS OF WATER: When I wake up the first thing that my body wants is coffee, and even though it was a hard habit to break I opt for water instead. There are so many benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach.

3. COFFEE + BREAKFAST: Coffee is what I look forward to every morning. I make my coffee first thing when I wake up. The aroma is calming and it helps me fully wake up. I cook up a delicious breakfast. I try to keep my breakfast interesting with food I really like so I won't skip it.

4. SHOWER + SKINCARE: I use to love taking shower in the evening and sometimes I still do, but I find that morning showers just help me wake up and get motivated for my day. Especially when I'm using Suave Body Wash. I have been using Suave for as long as I can remember. My mom would buy it, my sisters still buy it, and somehow it always makes it's way to my shower. I think it's because their product is quality but at an affordable price. I always grab Tropical Coconut, which is funny because I recently took their quiz to find my scent, and it turns out Tropical Coconut is mine. Find out what your scent is by taking the quiz HERE, and get cash back from Ibotta. I love that there is a scent for any occasion and time of day! I recently picked up Wild Cherry Blossom at my local Walmart and even my boyfriend uses it. Head to your local Walmart and get your scent girl!!

My skin is so important and after I shower I always cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I finish my skincare with spraying rose water all over my face. My day immediately gets better when I feel clean and I know my skin is taken care of.

5. RELAX: I catch up on all my shows, emails, social media, and blog. I even make myself another cup of coffee. I relax before my little boy wakes up and takes over.

By this time Evan is awake and I make him breakfast and he watches a cartoon before we do work in his pre-school activity book. I dedicate all my time and attention to him that if I didn't have a morning routine dedicated to myself I would go crazy. I hope my routine/tips help you have a better and more productive morning/day. Let me know what your favorite Suave Body Wash scent is, and is it the result you got from the quiz! Comment and let me know! Go take the quiz here!!