Every year our tradition is to have Evan pick out what he wants in his basket, and this year I only let him pick out a few things because we wanted the Easter bunny to pick out the others. He's older this year I wanted him to be a little surprised vs. previous years he knew what was in his basket. Seeing his little face full of excitement is priceless. I used the same basket as last year because it is just too cute not to, and this mama was on a budget.

My first trip to target Evan picked out nothing but candy. I decided I would make a trip alone to find a few non candy items. I think overall our picks are super cute and yummy! I wish I would have uploaded sooner, but you can always come back to this post next year if ya need ideas. I found the round divided plate from Pillowfort for 79 cents, which was one of my favorite picks from Evan's basket. They had two other colors and cups to go with them. Basically everything else was $1 except the Easter cup and play-doh that I stuck in his bunny bag along with other goodies. You can never go wrong with Target. They had everything that I wanted for his Easter basket. Evan loved everything but didn't open much until yesterday. He was too busy playing with his cousins. I am hoping to post our Easter recap tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

Check out Evan's Easter basket last year here, and they year before that here. xoxo