Happy Monday! So much has been going on in my life and it's just been so hard to sit down, take a break, and write it all down. So please excuse this post if it's all over the place. Evan started playing soccer and he has practice twice a week and his games are on Saturdays. I have never found a sport so entertaining as watching four year old boys running around and fighting for a ball. Make sure to check out my insta stories. I always record!😂

This rug is everything, but man it sheds!! I know a lot of people have it, but it's just too cute not to include in my home. I have read to vacuum as frequently as possible until shedding stops. If you have any other suggestions let me know. Also if you have it what room do you have it in? I originally got it for Evan's room, but now I'm debating whether it should go in my room or living room. So many decision. I just purchased this rug but I won't receive until mid March. Slowly but surely my home will begin to feel like mine.

Warmer weather is approaching and my skin is already feeling it. All winter my skin was doing great, and when warmer weather strikes my skin goes crazy. All the oil comes back and the breakout begin. I am using Ole Henriksen oil control cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I started using last week and so far I am loving it. If I see amazing results I will share for sure.

Freshly Picked released a new style of baby shoes last week. Their Mary Janes and boy I am obsessed. Really considering on trying for a baby girl just to for this shoe! Kidding! Currently envying you if you have a baby girl though!! This shoe is adorbs!

Wall colors! Oh my goodness! I am on a hunt for the perfect white for my walls. I want a white that has creamy undertones. Give me your recommendations. So far I've sampled White Veil by Behr and it's so nice!

Master bedroom floor is finally done. It took forever, and the only reason is because we are installing the floor. I am just relieved it is done and we can work our way to the living room. When we purchased our home the previous owners had a dog and they had carpet. It felt so gross just walking in to dog hair and odor everywhere. We ripped up all the carpet and we finally have one room down. I am so happy with the floor I picked out! Check it out here.
Wishing you a happy and productive week! xo