I know I am super late, but I had to share a few pictures from our Halloween weekend before November ends. It's a tradition to attend a Fall Carnival every year and then go trick or treating. We have been doing it since Evan was born. Evan decided to dress up as Catboy from PJ Masks this year, and let's just say no one had a slight clue what he was (aside from a few other moms).
They would ask him and understood cowboy.😂 He practiced his trick or treat chant that entire week, so come Halloween he was ready. That entire night he was on a mission to fill up his pumpkin & he sure did. I had to hide the bucket the next day because we ate way too much candy that night. Did you? Please say yes so I won't feel so guilty.😬 We had an awesome time, but we did notice less Halloween decorations this year and less people out on the streets. That was a bit of a bummer, but it didn't stop us from having a blast. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as we did.
I have loved seeing everyone's Halloween posts and costumes! 
Now on to all things Thanksgiving and Christmas! YAY!