"I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry." I think most of us can relate to this quote. It's normally around lunch time when your stomach starts growling uncontrollably and all you can think about is food. You get irritated and bad-tempered because you are hungry. Ever feel this way? Girl, you're hangry! It happens a lot personally you're not alone. I normally have a busy morning that by lunch time I am famished. I think I am the most hungry around lunch time, and I want to eat as quickly as possible.

On days when I don't want to be in the kitchen long (which is everyday😂) I opt for Lean Pockets. Lean Pockets are delicious, convenient, and affordable. They give me the chance to take a break and fully enjoy my lunch with my kiddo. They also help control the hangry person inside. I love that I have different flavor options that are all a good source of protein, 100% real cheese and contain zero artificial flavors. I love all of the flavors but Chicken and Broccoli is my favorite. I pop my Lean Pockets in the oven and chop up a delicious salad for myself, while Evan has a bowl of fruit. Lunch has never been so easy and delicious! 

•    White Meat Chicken Jalapeno & Cheese with a pretzel bread crust
•    White Meat Chicken Broccoli and Cheese with a whole grain crust
•    Roasted Turkey Bacon & Cheese with a pretzel bread crust
•    Pepperoni Pizza
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