Welcome April! These months I find myself purchasing more beauty products. Which means if I fall in love with something I am for sure sharing. I gathered a few favorites from last month that I was completely obsessed with. If you are interested, then just keep scrolling! 

Lorac 'PRO MATTE' Lip Color in Pink Taupe: This shade is the best for everyday wear. I purchased this mid March and have been using it every single day!😚

Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil: Did any of you purchase this from Ulta during 21 Days of Beauty? I scored this brow pencil for $12. Awesome deal, huh? I purchased it in the color Medium Brown. I went a shade lighter (I have dark brown as well) and my eyebrows look so natural compared to when I use dark brown.

Too Faced Born This Way: I have this in the shade Golden, but I think Honey would be a perfect match for my skin. Nevertheless, I love how flawless my skin looks with it. It has great coverage and works great with my oily skin. 

It Cosmetics Brush Bath: Such an easy and effective way to clean your brushes. Before I would wash them with dawn dish soap, but that was such a hassle. I took so much time cleaning my brushes when all I really needed was this brush cleanser. I spray it directly to my brush before I use it and it literally removes all makeup and impurities from my brushes. This stuff is legit.👌

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: I purchased this a few months ago and hated it because it was over drying my skin. Only because I was using too many acne products at once. Since I changed my skin care routine I now use this before I apply my makeup. I love that my makeup stays matte throughout most of the day. I am not as oily as I normally am. Love this!

Scentbird: I have a whole review on Scentbird HERE. I am currently wearing Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. I love that I can carry my Scentbird spray anywhere I go. It basically stays in my purse. For only $14.95 you get a 30 day supply of any designer fragrance of your choice.

Sunglasses: I love simple and affordable sunnies because I literally can't take care of them. They break or mysteriously disappear (meaning Evan hides them😂) therefore I spend no more than $20 on them. These are so cute and only $10.😱

Morphe Brushes: What the heck? These brushes are SO affordable and apply your makeup so freaking awesome. I picked up a few and found myself using M177, M178 and M180 the most this month.

Juice Beauty Blemish Cleanser: I don't think I will ever use another cleanser. This stuff is amazing! My skin is finally looking nice and smooth! You guys have no idea how awful I have felt because of acne. This cleanser works wonders on your skin. If you suffer from acne run and purchase this! You will thank me later.👍
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