I am thrilled about all the new winter premiers, but more excited about all my shows back on air. Now is the time to sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, or coffee, or both and watch some TV my friends. Clearly I love my TV. I wasn't big on watching TV before, especially when I was working and going to school. I always wondered how people had time to watch TV. Now, I make time. I watch all of my shows every morning before Evan wakes up. My boyfriend and I love to watch our shows once Evan falls asleep or on the weekend. We binge watched Making a Murder last weekend. My DVR is currently full. There are so many great show on right now and as hard as it was to narrow down my list of favorites. I managed to choose my top fourteen. I planned to do my top five but that just seemed impossible. If you need any suggestions here are a few. What are some of your favorites? xo
1. The Bachelor
2. Truth Be Told
3. American Crime
4. The Blacklist
5. Grandfathered       
6. New Girl
7. Dr. Ken
8. Pretty Little Liars
9. Arrow
10. The Flash
11. Jane The Virgin
12. Blackish
13. Undateable 
14. The Walking Dead