Happy Tuesday! I noticed that everything I have been purchasing for Evan lately is extra cozy and casual. Sweaters, joggers, beanies and comfy boots.A few days ago I paired joggers with a pair of boots I purchased from Joe Fresh and Evan's dad said it looked tacky, but I thought it was the cutest thing. Evan is so active and a pair of jeans isn't always the best wardrobe option. I clearly ignored his opinion because I knew it would look adorable. He wore a knit sweater and beanie with his look and he looked so cute. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera otherwise that would have been the look to post today. If you have a boy I would run to Joe Fresh's website and snag these boots. They have faux fur on the inside and they are so comfy. I think I'll have to purchase a size up for Evan. Do you think boots and joggers/sweatpants look good together? xo
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