We finally took a trip to the Texas State Fair. One more thing that can be checked off of out Fall bucket list. We had such a great time even though I feel like I didn't eat enough. I was on a mission to tackle all of the fried food and it didn't happen. I totally regretted it once we left, but we might make one last trip this week. This year I was a little nervous because I have an almost three year old who is no longer wearing a diaper and hates being on a stroller. My fear was that he would want me to carry him the entire time and he would pee or poop himself. Luckily for me I have a pretty awesome little dude. He did throw a few tantrums but never the less we had a blast. Evan was all about playing games. He was not interested in the rides but maybe next year. He loved the petting zoo. He saw a camel for the first time and he was over the moon excited. The Children's aquarium was neat and the two headed turtle exhibit was pretty freaky but Evan loved it. We went on a Wednesday and got in for $4 because we took four cans of food. To get all the Texas State Fair discounts check out this page.

If we go this week I think I'll be a little more prepared. I will take a backpack instead of a purse, take snack for Evan and I'll take my own stroller. I figured since Evan wasn't into being in a stroller he would be okay walking around. Boy was I wrong! It was a last minute trip so we just kind of got ready and left. Overall we did have fun. It was definitely worth the wait. I wish I would have snapped a few more pictures. Maybe next time. Happy Monday! XO