Summer has been intensely hot here in Texas, but August is basically the hottest month of Summer and every day is literally the hottest day of summer. Yesterday we hit 106 oF. We are expecting rain so my fingers are tightly crossed. Meanwhile, we spend most of our days inside or out swimming. We still go out from time to time and I make sure to always have my Summer essentials on hand. It's so hot out but I still want to look put together. I thought I would share a few essentials other than the basic items like sunscreen and skin care products. I hope these items will help my Summer and your Summer a little less miserable. What are your Summer essentials? XO
Summer Essentials
Sandals: A cute pair of strappy/gladiator sandals will go great with any outfit. I normally wear flat sandals with a pair of boyfriend jeans or shorts. I can literally wear these type of sandals anywhere I go.

Cuffs: Lately I have been layering cuff bracelets and a watch as my daily accessory and nothing else. I have noticed that even if my outfit is simple those extra accessories really do the trick in putting my outfit together.

Sunnies: I am crazy about sunglasses and have found so many adorable sunnies. We have to protect our eyes from the dangerous UV sun rays, but still look cute!

Neutral Nail Polish: I have to do a top five favorite neutral nail polish post because my entire collection is seriously neutral colors. I am obsessed, but my all time favorite is Tuck it in my Tux by Essie.

Lip Liner: My lips have to be matte during summer. I can't do anything sheer or glossy. I have to have a matte lip liner or lipstick. Most days I even go with out makeup and just put on my favorite lip liner and I am good to go. My go to lip liner has been Mauve by NYX.

Fedora Hat: These are perfect for me because it's so hard to keep my hair down during the summer. Normally I just to wear a low bun a throw on my fedora. It saves me so much time and also protects me from the sun.