Easter weekend is here and I finally finished Evan's Easter basket. I took a few trips to Walmart and Target and found cute items that I knew Evan would like. This will be Evan's third Easter and I feel like I can finally explain to him what it's all about. I have made his basket every year and it's a tradition that I really enjoy and I plan to do for many more years. I tried to avoid putting too much candy but it almost seemed inevitable. I also added a few snacks, a book and play-doh. 
Evan is just so excited. I am so surprised the he is being extremely patient. He knows that he can not open anything inside his basket until Sunday. We bought him a ninja turtle basket that he can play with meanwhile. Tomorrow we are planning to take him to an Easter egg hunt just to get him prepared for Sunday.
I am linking up with The Good Life Blog and I am just loving all the other kiddo's baskets. You must check them out!!
Happy Easter weekend!! XO