On March 3rd I lost my mother. One of the toughest obstacles my life has come across. It was all so sudden that some days it still feels like a horrible nightmare. Since the loss of my mother I have had good days and really bad days. The only thing that has kept me going and kept me positive is Evan. What would I do with out him? Even though he is so little and may not fully understand what has happened he sure knows how to keep a smile on my face. As sad and tragic as this is I continue to be thankful. Evan has been my rock through all of this and for that I am beyond thankful. God has given me the honor to be a mother. Evan feels the same way about me as I feel about my mother. She was is my hero, and now it's my turn to continue giving Evan all of the love, comfort and protection. I will stay strong and positive because of him. I am so thankful that she was my mother. I can't even express how amazing and beautiful she was, and I hope one day I am as good as a mother as she was. For now I will keep a smile on my face because of my beautiful two year old boy. XO