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Every year filing my taxes can be extremely stressful. I remember a few years ago I would go to several tax offices to see which one would offer a better deal. I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to file my income tax. This year my boyfriend went to file his taxes and the person who helped him had no idea what she was doing. I was so relieved to know that I wouldn't have to deal with that this year. I can file my own taxes at home and enjoy a cup of coffee. This year I wanted to share my stress free experience using TurboTax
This coming weekend is important because insurance open enrollment ends on Sunday, February 15th. The new health insurance rule seemed so difficult to me. I visited TurboTax Health to get familiar with the website and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements coming up this tax season. I learned a lot about my health insurance and whether or not I was exempt from the tax penalty. They also provided videos, which I posted down below. After watching the videos provided by TurboTax, it made it easier for me to understand the process. It explains The ACA step by step. It almost seems silly that I was confused. If you get insurance from work it's as simple as checking a box using TurboTax. Yes, it's that easy! You also have until February 16th to file for FREE through the Absolute Zero promotion available for simple returns (1040A/EZ). It doesn't get any better than this.
Video for Insured Filers

Video for Uninsured Filers
I filed my taxes a couple days ago and it was so easy and fast. I am so glad I got them out of the way and I am getting extra cash in my pocket. However, I did have a few tips and tricks that helped filing my income tax less stressful.

1. Create a checklist of all personal information and documents needed. Make sure to have all paperwork (w2, 1040A/EZ, etc.) organized and ready. I have multiple forms coming in, therefore I have to make sure I don't leave any out. Once I begin receiving them I put them all together so I won't misplace them. 
2. Track expenses. As far as medical bills, student loans, Bank interests, investments, etc. Keep all receipts together and in a secure place. There are plenty of online programs where you can snap a picture of your receipt and later export the data for your yearly tax return, or simply put together in a folder.
3. Keep organized. If you are filing from home using TurboTax make sure you have all important forms on hand and ready to go. Keep all forms together like I mentioned before to avoid any mess up on your tax return. Organization is the key! 
I hope these help you as much as they helped me. I don't think I will ever have to leave my home to file my taxes. Remember you have until February 16th to file for FREE using TurboTax.